4D CRYOLIPOLYSIS – the non-invasive method of liposuction

μη επεμβατική μέθοδος λιποαναρρόφησης

In Zin Zen Medical & spa , we are pleased to give you an
effective solution to the local thickness you ‘ve been looking for a
very long time, because it has one of the best Cryolipolysis
systems facing to the reduction of local thickness of up to 30%
According to observations, made by Harvard University’s
professors, fat cells when exposed to low temperature are
crystallized and die without affecting the surrounding tissues in the
The aesthetics industry, based on this finding, constructed
machines capable of dealing with local thickness easily and non-
In Zin Zen Medical & spa, we have recently acquired a last-
generation machine with 4 special bells which can be placed
simultaneously οn 4 parts of the body – such as belly and arms,
abdomen and thighs, or adductor and inductor etc.
Special disposable anti-freeze films are placed between the skin
and the scalp, which protect the skin from damage as it gradually
cools the affected areas.
Within 40 minutes the temperature reaches -10 degrees Celsius in
order to destroy the fat cells and then expel them through the
lymphatic system.

In fact, as the treatment works in a targeted manner,
immediately after the application, the person notices that the points
in the contested areas are gradually decreasing and the result is
completed in 3 months.
The treatment is perfectly combined with other technologies,
that we have at our center, to deal with cellulite and body
relaxation .
To learn more about this exceptional technology, call us at
2106654105 or fill out the form and book a free consultation
appointment with the specialized expert, Ms. Zoe Stamatopoulou.
Of course, do not forget that, as always, the implementation of
the international antiseptic protocols of the Zin Zen Medical
spa center is our priority!

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