Fractional RF Therapy – Face & Body.

The Fractional RF Therapy , in Zin Zen Medical & Spa , is one of
the most trustful and strongest allies that modern aesthetics has to
offer against the wear of time!
It is a revolutionary non-surgical operation of aesthetics that directs
at the body and the face.
More specifically, it concerns parts of the body where the skins is
severely loosened up over time, such as face, neck, knees, arms
It can also be used to erase dryness, stretch marks , but also
signs of photoaging (on face, breast, arms etc.)
How does the Fractional RF therapy technology actually works?
By creating micro-surgical cuts on the upper layers of skin, the
treatment of radio frequencies uses radio frequencies treatment,
which are adjusted by the specific area of the body we want to
target and by the depth of the problem we want to reconstruct .
With the therapy we can achieve:
– volumetric tightening of the skin – not just on the upper layers
of the skin, but in depth treatment on the chorionic levels.
– reconstruction of the collagen and the elastine
– reduction on the size of pores, treatment of
hyperpigmentation (freckles) and acne scars.
– depth skin face contour straightening
– improvement and tightening of the upper and lower eyelids
and reduction of facial expressions

– treatment of stretch marks and tightening in arms and thighs

The treatment is applied throughout the year and from the first
session we can actually see an improvement in the texture and
tone of the skin.
It is recommended to apply the treatment every three months or
so, until the desired result is achieved.
Mesotherapies are recommended between the applications, which
act supportively and enhance the effect.
If you are looking for more details to boost your skin’s vibrancy,
call us at 2106654105 or complete the application form and book a
consulting appointment with the special expert Mrs Zoe
And don’t forget! The implementation of the international
antiseptic protocols in Zin Zen Medical & Spa is our priority!

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