Prevention and Anti-Aging Breast & Décolleté

φυσική αύξηση και ανόρθωση του στήθους

Without a doubt, the female breast and the décolleté are among
those points that not only magnetize the eyes, but also require our
care from a very early age. If you are interested in a natural
enlargement or erection of your breasts in zen Medical and Spa you
will find personalized treatments.
A woman’s breasts change over time due to hormonal changes,
pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, but also due to fluctuations
in her weight. As a result, it loses its vigor and volume.
The specific treatments that we have in zen Medical and Spa for
the breast contribute to its tightening, restoration and regeneration.
These include applications with specific protocols consisting of
specialized products aimed at volume and rectification. They:
• Contain selected ingredients that protect collagen and elastin,
• Deeply hydrate and enhance the natural growth of fat cells,
resulting in the breast “filling” and regaining its elasticity,
• Offer firming and protection of collagen and elastin, thanks to the
plant enzymes they have.
• The structural lipopeptides they contain enhance erection, while
the plant extracts Anemarrhena asphodeloides promote
• Natural polysaccharides provide hydration and toning to the skin.
The treatments are suitable after pregnancy, breastfeeding or diet,
as well as for a small, atrophic breast.

On the other hand, the décolleté area during age and due to its
overexposure to the sun, often acquires the appearance of ripe
fruit with dull and full of spots skin.
The therapeutic approach to these areas is multifocal.
We treat and prevent the relaxation and dehydration of the skin
in the area by applying mechanical treatments – such as
radiofrequency, cryocoagulation, Derma mesotherapy – Roller, etc.,
always combined with cosmetic care of the specialized products we
have. As a result, collagen and elastin are reactivated, the scars
go away and the skin increases its density and elasticity,
The excellent know-how that I and my partners possess in the
field of non-invasive aesthetics, the importance in detail, as well as
the priority in your safety can guarantee superior aesthetic results
as well as a real “Good Living” beauty experience.
If you want to make an appointment, please fill out the form or
call us at 2106654105. Ms. Zoe Stamatopoulou is at your disposal
, as a personal advisor of beauty and needs.

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