Shockwave therapy

Κρουστικοί Υπέρηχοι- Shockwave therapy

In Zin Zen Medical & Spa, the high-frequency impactor-based
treatment is one of the most effective for those who are concerned
about 3-fold, localized thickness / relaxation / cellulite – because it
literally acts at the heart of the problem and gives shocking results!
Indeed, it is a well-tested method that was first applied in
medicine many years ago to deal with lithotripsy and later, in
physiotherapy to restore painful conditions in tendons and
In recent years, however, impactor ultrasound has also been
successfully used in the field of aesthetics.
How do they work?
Energy waves with controlled power "minor injury" would call the
epidermis, resulting in the breakdown of fat cells and the reduction
of their volume, as well as increased blood circulation and
metabolism, causing a decrease in the cellulite and face of the
orange bark.
At the same time, the rich channeling of ultrasonic energy into
the tissues stimulates a number of metabolic processes that trigger
the formation of collagen and elastin which, in turn, contribute to
the restoration of skin relaxation, stretch marks and the most
beautiful appearance of the skin.

Also, appropriate aesthetic handling encourages lymphatic
decongestion from the body to reduce swelling and fluid retention,
which contributes to detoxification, activation of metabolism, but
also to the feeling of well-being that the person feels with end of
In which areas is Shock Wave applied?
• In the arms
• In the abdomen
• In the buttocks
• In the thighs
• In the "buns"
• Inside the knees
• On the sides of the back
This is a pleasant process in which the person just feels a soft
vibration in his body – after all, the tension can be regulated
according to his desire.
The treatment leaves no signs, while if bruises appear they
subside very soon.
The first results are obvious from the first treatments, provided
that there is a stable weekly application schedule – as it is the case
for any treatment if we want results.
If you want to learn more about high frequency percussive
ultrasounds, please call us at 2106654105 or fill out the form and
book a free advisory appointment with the specialist expert Mrs.
Zoe Stamatopoulou.

Of course, do not forget that, as always, the implementation of the
international antiseptic protocols of the Zin Zen Medical & Spa
center is our priority!

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