Complete Face & Body Care Package – for theBride and her beloved friends

On the most important day of your life the Zin Zen Medical &
spa is able to offer you a package of idealized treatments that will
give you the most beautiful version of yourself and will offer you the
glow you dream of!
The treatment can ideally start a few days before the wedding
with the of the Aqua Glo’s 3-stage Hydra Facial treatment. This is
the new trend that has a lot of fanatical fans in the metropolis of
beauty – such as Los Angeles and New York.
Kim Kardashian and other famous Hollywood ladies swear in
this treatment that they apply even a few hours before their
important events because the glow and hydration are guaranteed.
The 3 stages of the treatment are initially the painless and easy
diamond cleansing and exfoliation of the face. This is followed by
the mechanical suction of sebum and black pores with simultaneous
hydrotherapy of Cleanse Exfoliate Solution – a liquid solution for all
skin types containing O2 Alpha-Hydroxy (Glycolic and Lactic) Acids
for a long-lasting result.
The treatment is completed with the injection of Vital Calming
Serum – special serums with antioxidant and anti-aging glow and
nourishment that provide anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and
reflexive effects, preventing signs and irritations.
The result of the treatment is a clean moisturized skin, without deep
wrinkles, oiliness, black spots s and dilated pores.
On the eve or on the wedding day can be applied:
• Eyebrow shape and color
• Treatments with biotechnological cosmetics (serums – creams –
masks) specialized for the eyes but also for the whole face, neck
and décolleté that will give it shine and will make it ready for the
application of makeup products.
• Full Body peeling for a clean and glowing
Relaxing back, foot or full body massage
• Spa Manicure – Pedicure
In any case, if you are interested in any additional treatment, our
institute is at your disposal to offer its services tailored to your
unique needs.
If you want to learn more about the treatment package, as well
as about anything else that concerns you, call us at 2106654105 or
fill out the form and book a free counseling appointment at our
institute with the specialized expert Ms. Zoe Stamatopoulou.
Finally, do not forget that the implementation of the international
antiseptic protocols of the Zin Zen Medical & spa center is, as
always, our priority!

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