Shaping and cleaning eyebrows – show off your beauty and personal style.

Η eyebrows expert θα μεταμορφώσει την εμφάνισή σας

Would you like to get a more expressive face, a more beautiful
look, look tailored to the last trend, but also elegant?
The Eyebrows expert in Zin Zen Medical & spa can transform
your appearance by taking care of the perfect shape of your
It is nowadays known, that beauty experts place great
emphasis on the shape of eyebrows because they can change the
expression and transform a person’s style.
Indeed, the correct shape highlights the look, lifts it, adds
freshness to the face while simultaneously harmonises and
emphasizes the characteristics of the face.
For this reason, it is very important to trust the formation of your
eyebrows of our specialized expert.
After analysing the natural basis of your eyebrows, your special
features, your age, your personal style, but also the structure of
your face, she will first design with a pencil the shape that suits
you and then emphasize their natural color with 100% organic
henna dye.
The resulting shading will give a natural tension to your
eyebrows while filling any gaps that may exist between the scalp of
the eyebrows.
The natural result lasts from 2-3 weeks.
So, if you want to book your appointment with the beauty of
your eyebrows, call us at 2106654105 or fill out the form.

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