Hair removal – with Diodic Laser 808nm

αντιμετωπίζει όλους τους φωτότυπους του δέρματος (από I, II, III, IV, έως V), σε κάθε απόχρωση τρίχας (από μαύρες μέχρι και ανοιχτόχρωμες), διαθέτει ταχύτερο σύστημα σάρωσης σε σχέση με άλλα μηχανήματα, εφαρμόζετε όλες τις εποχές του χρόνου

In Zin Zen Medical & Spa, with emphasis on the quality and
efficiency of our services, we invested in the 808nm Diodic laser
which is the most modern hair removal method at the moment. If
you suffer from normal or pathological hair loss, all of your
following reasons will make you trust us!
In fact , the 808nm Diode laser , unlike other hair removal
machines , treats all skin prototypes (from I, II, III, IV, to V), in
every shade of hair (from black to light), has a faster system of
seasoning than other machines, you can apply all seasons of time
– even in the summer when you are tanned – it requires fewer
repetitions due to the depth on which it affects, so it is also more
economical and finally, has a strong cooling system that makes it
At 808nm, it targets the depths of the tissues , because the
larger the wavelength, the deeper the radiation beam goes,
thereby heating and destroying the entire hair enclave. Thus, the
reduction of hair from the second application can reach a
percentage of more than 50%.
Of course, the number of repetitions as well as the interval
between them depends on the area where the laser is applied, the
volume, the quality and the color of the hair and the existence or
non-existence of hormonal disorders of the person.
Therefore the number of sessions required varies from case to

However, we would generally say that they need 5-10 sessions
every about 1.5 months and then a maintenance of the result with
1-2 applications per year.
Over the sessions we find that unwanted hair decreases
significantly and becomes softer and thinner, giving you a velvety
skin without follicles and pimples – which usually torture people
with hard hair, hypertrichosis or hair loss.
This concerns men and women of all ages and applies to all
areas of the body and face – such as upper lip, cheeks , chest,
nipples, back, armpits, abdomen, bikini, legs and arms .
In the case of personal hair planted in the face, in white hair, or
even in cases where the use of laser is not appropriate, in our
center you will find a permanent solution to your problem with the
application of hair removal through an electric needle.
For more information do not hesitate to consult the approved
aesthetic consultant Ms. Zoe Stamatopoulou at 2106654105 or fill
out the contact form to book a free information appointment with
Of course, do not forget that, as always, the implementation of
the international antiseptic protocols of the Zin Zen Medical &
Spa center is our priority!

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