Hydrodermabrasion – Aqua Glo.

Υδροδερμοαπόξεση - Aqua Glo

The Zin Zen Medical & spa , has always been informed
about the latest global trends in aesthetics and now owns the
latest technology machine Aqua Glo. This is the next step in
facial cleaning, exfoliation and nourishment – 3 in only 1 treatment.
Indeed, this innovative 3-stage hydrodermabrasion application
is the latest trend in medical aesthetics.
It is known that brilliant stars, before stepping on the red carpet,
apply this treatment on their face, because it simply gives them a
bright, clean and hydrated face!
So, if you re getting married, you re invited to some dinner or gala,
or you just want to impress, all you have to do is book your
appointment with us!
The 3 stages of treatment are:
Step 1: Painless and easy diamond cleaning and facial exfoliation
Step 2: Mechanical aspiration of sebum and black pores with
simultaneous hydrotherapy of Cleanse Exfoliate Solution – a liquid
solution for all skin types containing O2 Alpha-Hydroxy (Glycolic
and Lactic) acids for a long-lasting result.
Step 3: Infusion of Vital Calming Serum – special serums with
antioxidant and anti-aging glow and nourishment providing anti-
inflammatory, moisturizing and regenerative action, preventing
signs and irritations.

The “Total Hydra Facial 3-1”, is applied either as monotherapy
to shine one night, or as long-term treatment to gradually deal with
facial discolorations, to dilate the enlarged pores, to adjust the
oiliness, to treat acne and photoaging, or to obtain deep, real
hydration with a velvety feeling on your face.
It is a completely safe procedure, suitable for all ages, for all
skin types, it concerns men and women – and most importantly – it
is unreservedly applied throughout all the seasons of the year –
even during the summer months. It is contraindicated only in cases
of inflammatory acne, rosacea and in very sensitive skin with
varicose veins.
Furthermore, the combination, with radio frequencies,
ultrasound, or photodynamic therapy immediately afterwards takes
off the results because, without any doubt, the beauty and health
of our skin are part of our modern living life.
If you want to learn more about this truly wonderful treatment,
like anything else that concerns you, call us at the 2106654105 or
fill out the form and make a free advisory appointment in our
institute, with the specialized expert Ms. Zoe Stamatopoulou.
Finally, do not forget that the implementation of the international
antiseptic protocols of the Zin Zen Medical & spa center is, as
always, our priority!

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