Meso-Pen Face & Body Mesotherapy.

ρυτίδες, χαλάρωση, επιφανειακά και μέτρια σημάδια ακμής, μείωση μετεγχειρητικών ουλών και τραυμάτων, μείωση πόρων

In Zin Zen Medical & spa, the Meso-Pen Therapy treatment is
considered to be one of the most effective treatments applied to
the face and body for antiaging and skin problems.
This is a type of mesotherapy with an innovative micro-needle
pen that activates the natural production of collagen and elastin. It
has been used for years in the field of aesthetics, and what makes
it unique, is its easy application, as well as its ability to combine
mesotherapies adapted to the needs of the person.
It treats problems, such as wrinkles, relaxation, superficial and
moderate signs of acne, reduction of postoperative scars and
wounds, reduction of pores and much more.
By creating microscopes in the epidermis, the depth of which
can be adjusted according to the treatment area, it multiplies the
ability of the skin to absorb bioactive substances such as vitamins,
hyaluronic acid, trace elements and antioxidants that make
antiaging and help to regenerate the skin.
In addition, the controlled pressure on the skin encourages it to
exploit the innate capacity for collagen production and skin
It can be applied to:
• Face-including the sensitive area of ​​the lower eyelids
• Body – treats relaxation, stretch marks – streaks, as well as
photoaging in the décolleté, neck and arms.

• Scalp to activate perspiration and enhance anti-hair loss
The proposed programme, you will need to follow, depends on
the size of the problem that concerns you.
To learn more about the treatment of Meso-Pen Therapy and
how it can be applied to you, do not hesitate to call us at
2106654105 or fill out the form and make a free aesthetic
appointment with the specialized expert of our institute, Mrs. Zoe
Stamatopoulou .
And do not forget that the implementation of the international
antiseptic protocols of the Zin Zen Medical & spa center is our

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