Microdermabrasion with diamonds – Diamond Sticks.

Μικροδερμοαπόξεση με διαμάντια

Microdermabrasion is a popular, safe and effective treatment for all skin
types. In Zin Zen Medical & Spa the treatment uses diamonds that break
up the dead skin cells to reveal the smoother, softer skin underneath.
It is one of the most favourite facial treatments to our customers.
In fact, in only 30 minutes you can offer yourself the rejuvenation of your
skin’s appearance and health, quickly and without any pain.
An ideal way to look brighter and appear more youthful without the risks of
scars or side effects.
The world-renowned Body Health Company provides us with the
knowledge and trust of the services offered. It ensures us that the procedure
is safe for you and will provide the excellent results you want.
The diamond sticks are only of a single individual use and ensure absolute
hygiene on your face. Additionally, their unique design allows us to choose
the correct size of sticks in micron, based on your skin tolerance and needs.
During the treatment, the exfoliation process can gently remove the outer
layer of your skin where the dull, dead skin cells lie, removing the black spots
and any sebaceous residues, painlessly.
In this way, we encourage the growth of collagen and elastin – elements
necessary in anti-aging treatments.
The repeatability of this `diamond treatment is considered only by you!
Of course , how much you need a brighter look, a tighter feeling and a more
youthful appearance that can be proudly shown!
Indeed, just after the treatment, you will realise that deep wrinkles are
smoothed, thin lines are eliminated, brown spots and discolorations are
significantly reduced, giving you an extremely clean, beautiful and healthy

The treatment can be applied up to 10 times a year either by itself or
combining with other additional beauty treatments that you can choose from
our services.
What is also recommended, is the sunscreen protection of the face during and
after the sessions.
In our center you will be informed about the use of special products that
ensure your skin’s protection and the effects of the treatment.
If you are looking for more details to boost your skin’s vibrancy, call us
at 2106654105 or complete the application form and book a consulting
appointment with the special expert Mrs Zoe Stamatopoulou.
And don’t forget! The implementation of the international antiseptic
protocols in Zin Zen Medical & Spa is our priority!

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