Non-surgical FaceLift –HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound).

In Zin Zen Medical & Spa , emphasizing on the quality and
efficiency of our services, we invested in the purchase of an
innovative machine HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound).
This is an approved method by the FDA which literally gives an
extension of time and replaces the surgical scalpel.
Thousands of treatments have been performed worldwide ,with the
HIFU technology, with spectacular results.
In addition, ultrasound energy has been used in medicine for more
than 50 years, a fact that indicates its reliability.
The avant-garde of this technology, which concerns the cosmetics,
lies in the fact that during the treatment the concentrated
ultrasound energy flow (Focused Ultrasound), successively
penetrates the inner layers of the skin and acts on the SMAS level
causing the temperature of the epidermis and subcutaneous
tissues to rise above 65 degrees of Celsius.
As tissue temperature rises, it causes focused alteration-
denaturation in protein structures and contraction of collagen and
elastin fibres, which eventually degrade and multiply again.
In that way, the reproduction of collagen and elastin begins, which
act as a catalyst in the regeneration and reconstruction of the skin.
The face and neck gain elasticity and the thin lines and wrinkles
are smoothed.
However, apart from the restart of elastin and collagen, an
important role in the effects of tightening and redefining the shape
of the face has the action of this energy on the deepest level of
SMAS (Superficial MusculoAponeurotic System) – that is to say,
the entire connective fibromyous tissue, which lies between the
face muscles and skin, and plays a key role in supporting it.

Essentially, this is the point where the plastic surgeon intervenes
during the facelift procedure.
The result of this powerful energy that crosses these tissues, is
their shrinkage, which causes the skin to tighten and straighten.
The first results are visible by 30% immediately after the treatment
and are gradually completed until the 6th month.
During this time you will notice:
– Face lifting and tightening.
– Eyebrows lifting and smoothing of the wrinkle in the middle
– Face contour shaping.
– Smoothing wrinkles around the eyes – forehead – mouth.
– Tightening of the skin tissue on the forehead
– Reduction of neck relaxation.

– Removal of neck wrinkles.

– Double jaw reduction / correction

There are no side effects , all you will feel will be a slight sense
of internal irritation of the area, which will gradually leave in the
next few days.
Although HIFU Therapy is considered to be monotherapy, if the
individual’s skin condition requires it, it can be repeated up to 4
times a year.

The responsible aesthetic of the Zin Zen Medical & Spa center,
Mrs Zoe Stamatopoulou , has created a treatment protocol where
HIFU Therapy is combined with the benefits of radio frequencies,
in order to take off the effectiveness of the treatment. As it is
explained, the rise in temperature caused by radio frequencies
throughout the thickness of the skin, chorus and subcutaneous fat,
help the ultrasounds cooperatively so that both forces can act and
maximize their effectiveness.
The combination , with personalized products , immediately after
the treatment , gives unique and impressive results, because
beauty and health are the lifestyle of the modern human being,
while the implementation of the international antiseptic protocols in
Zin Zen Medical & Spa center , is our priority !
If you would like to learn more about this excellent technology,
or anything else that concerns you, please call us in the
2106654105 or fill in the form and make a free advisory
appointment in our center with the responsible aesthetic,
Mrs. Zoe Stamatopoulou.

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