Treatment for atopic, sensitive skin & rosy disease- Plasma Therapy

ατοπικές, ευαίσθητες επιδερμίδες & ροδόχρου νόσο - Plasma Therapy

For the clinical treatment of Rosacea and any kind of skin
sensitivity, the treatment of Plasma shower Therapy is considered
to be one of the most effective . In Zin Zen Medical & Spa we
apply it with remarkable results.
Plasma shower therapy is based on the use of plasma, which is
the fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma), which
through a special device selectively injects into the skin tissue,
intervenes non-traumatically into the cell membrane and causes
significant reconstitution of connective tissue from the very first
Due to the action of plasma ions in the cells, the biological
functions of the skin are enhanced to deal with skin inflammations
such as rosacea, varicose veins, skin allergies and generally a
sensitive and atopic skin.
The skin tissue is sterilized and anti-inflammatory, the pores
shrink, the collagen is reshaped and the skin is regenerated.
In addition, the effect of treatment results in removing dead
cells, pigments and pollutants from the skin. It heals scars, lumps,
marks, scar tissues, atrophic tissues, hyperpigmentation,
discoloration, etc.
Through tissue regeneration and the production of collagen and
elastin, the immune skin complex is amplified and its tolerance to
irritants is increased by gradually acquiring a treated skin .
Immediately after the Plasma Shower Therapy, the skin ability
to absorb the skin is 4 times higher, giving us the opportunity to
continue with the special treatment protocols recommended by
modern cosmetology for these two cases.
The certified beautician in Zin Zen Medical & Spa , after
examining the condition of your skin damage , will assess all the
treatments you need and answer any questions you may have.

So, do not hesitate to contact us at 2106654105 or fill out the
form and book a free consultation appointment with the expert
beautician of our center, Ms. Zoe Stamatopoulou.
Of course, do not forget that, as always, the implementation of
the international antiseptic protocols in Zin Zen Medical & Spa
center is our priority!

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