Massage to treat cellulite


The massage technique for the treatment of cellulite offers fast
and effective detoxification of the body, better circulation of the
blood and lymph, local rejuvenation of the skin and natural slimming.
It is ideal for cases where the body fluids accumulate and block
the lymph node resulting in a known image of cellulite. The therapist
with specific techniques enhances congestion and activates the cell
An ally in these therapies are the nanotechnology materials that
penetrate the body’s cell structure and work collaboratively to deal
with it. These are mainly derived from herbal and algae extracts that
provide rich oxygenation, activation and hydration.
For an even more enhanced approach to the treatment of
cellulite, you can be informed about the categories related to
mechanical body therapies and that can be applied in combination
with massages.
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  1. Ms. Zoe Stamatopoulou is at your disposal as a
    personal advisor of your beauty and needs!
    Duration 60 ‘
    As the implementation of the international antiseptic protocols of
    the Zin Zen Medical & spa center is our priority, enjoy our services
    without worrying about your safety.
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