Massage with volcanic stones – Hot Stones

Hot stones therapy

“ Hot stones” treatment is an enjoyable experience. During it,
volcanic lava stones (basalts) are placed in energy stations of the
human body (chakra), along the back.
These stones are characterized by the geomagnetic properties of
copper and iron and when heated they release energy, emitting
vibrations. As a result of this technique, the blood circulation
improves, metabolism increases, lymphoma detoxifies and
consequently the immune system rejuvenates.
There is also an immediate relief from chronic musculoskeletal
and joint pains as well as strength and period pains. The nervous
system is affected very positively as stress decreases and insomnia
is effectively treated, because it harmonizes the flow of energy that
was disturbed.
The experience of a massage with hot stones in our place will be
unforgettable as after relaxing with the hot volcanic stones follows
an enjoyable massage with essential oils that will take you off.
If you want to make an appointment, please fill out the form or
call us at 2106654105. Ms Zoe Stamatopoulou is at your
disposal , as a personal advisor of your beauty and needs!
Duration 60 ‘
As the implementation of the international antiseptic protocols in
the Zin Zen Medical & spa center is our priority, enjoy our services
without worrying about your safety.

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