The roots of reflexology begin at least 5,000 years BC, when the
Chinese practiced a form of hand pressure therapy on various parts
of the body and on the soles of the feet as a means of treating
various health problems.
Although it is not a direct treatment method, it only enhances the
body’s defence mechanism through relaxation, because it improves
blood flow and oxygen supply throughout the body. In addition,
through the release of the lymphatic and excretion system from the
toxins, it offers a functional and healthy immune system.
Its principle is based on the fact that every organ of the human
body starts from the brain, it ends up in the soles and is reflected
there – so with special manipulations we have a therapeutic effect
on them.
Indeed, in the human tread there are 7,200 nerve endings which
are associated with our organs. The art of reflexology considers that
the person can be treated as a whole body, soul, spirit, and it aims
to strike a balance in the three levels of human being.
In Zin Zen Medical & spa , you will have the opportunity to enjoy
the exceptional relaxing effects of a reflexology session and get rid
of the stress and tension that accumulates in your body every day.
You will realise that you are immediately activating your body’s
defence mechanism, as relaxation will improve the blood flow and
oxygen supply throughout the body releasing your lymphatic and
excretive system from the toxins.
If you want to learn more about this treatment, please fill out the
form or call us at 2106654105. Ms. Zoe Stamatopoulou is at your
disposal as a personal advisor for your beauty and needs!
Duration 60 ‘
As the implementation of the international antiseptic protocols of
the Zin Zen Medical & spa center is our priority, enjoy our services
without worrying about your safety.

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